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Nice Try, Hollywood, But A Female Superhero Won't Solve Your Gender Problem

THOR 001_cover The Hollywood Reporter publishes an annual womens issue. Variety and TheWrap host annual power women events that draw big names to their luncheons and red carpets. But at their core, these events are sponsorship opportunities, part of an events cottage industry that adds to the publications bottom lines. Katey Sagal, Sarah Paulson, Tatiana Maslany, Nicole Beharie, and Maisie Williams at the 2014 Comic-Con "Women Who Kick Ass" panel. Image: Kevin Winter Comic-Con has hosted a Women Who Kick Ass panel two years running, an event that goes on immediately before Marvels big-top presentation in Hall H. Some remarked at the irony of making fanboys sit through the panel to get to their beloved superhero hype-fest, but that's not really a fair place to point a finger about 40% of Comic-Con badges are sold to women, and some 44% of the Guardians of the Galaxy audience was female (the largest yet for any Marvel movie). Plenty of men in attendance would love to see one of the studios take a crack at a Captain http://edwardqdgp.wikispaces.com Marvel , Wonder Woman or even Spider-Woman browse movie. And its not as though the outrage online could get much louder or more persistent, as these past couple .. [read more] of weeks have proven.
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