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Fast Start Leads To West 9-man Win

to learn more Fernando Blanco of Kittson County Central, Minn., was kim kardashian before and after the Wests leading rusher with 38 yards. Jared Olsgaard of Park Christian, Minn., got the East on the scoreboard on a 8-yard fourth quarter TD run. Kayne Griffith of Richland added a 12-yard scoring run for the East. It was his first TD after missing most of his senior season after http://huberstorykfeobofu.tumblr.com suffering a season-ending injury in the Colts opener following an outstanding junior season. With http://jimpqqo.mywapblog.com the win, the West lent some credibility to the nine-man rivalry. The East had won four of the five previous games to run its advantage in the series to 12-4.
Source: http://bismarcktribune.com/sports/football/1716ff30-0b11-11e4-9295-001a4bcf887a.html

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